Monetary Donation

The perfect gift, anytime. Monetary donations help us pay the veterinary bills, buy the necessities, expand our services, upgrade our facilities and foster care….really, what doesn’t it do for us?

Donations can be made out and mailed to

Kitten Angels 233 Houseman St , Mayfield, NY 12117

Rescue Donations

Cat Litter (Non Clumping)

Fancy Feast Regular OR Kitten Canned Food

KMR Formula (Powder Only)

Miracle Syringes & Nipples

Small Fleece Blankets


To help support our angels; t-shirts, sweatshirts & fleeces are available for purchase. Items can be picked up by appointment or on Saturdays during our adoption clinics at Niskayuna PetSmart.

If you are interested in purchasing please call our volunteer Michelle directly or text at (518) 374- 8877.

**various colors & sizes may vary