Dear Kind Donor,

This year, Kitten Angels is very excited to be partnering with another local not for profit agency,
Job Corps in Glenmont, NY. Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps
young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED: and find and keep a good job.
When Job Corp heard about Kitten Angels “Houses of Hope” program, they saw a perfect
opportunity for their students to make a difference in their community and also acquire some
valuable skills, Jim Janco with Kitten Angels will teach the students about building materials
and tools and also about how working with others to help homeless cats and kittens can build
their self-esteem and respect and appreciation for both people and animals.

Kitten Angels is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and
placement of kittens in great homes. We spay or neuter, vaccinate and provide any necessary
veterinary care for the kittens before adoption. Many of their parents and the older siblings of
these kittens are not owned and are considered feral or community cats. We try to stabilize the
population of these cats that are living outdoors by doing Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) to
prevent future litters from being born.

Designated caregivers feed the cats daily and monitor their welfare. Unfortunately, neutering
and feeding is not enough for these community cats to survive the harsh winters in Albany.
Many of these cats suffer frostbite and/or die from hypothermia. We have a solution and YOU
can help.

Kitten Angels is hosting our 4th annual 100 Houses of Hope and Shelter for feral cats and
their offspring. Our goal is to build 100 feral cat houses before the start of winter. Each
feral cat house will protect several cats from suffering the effects of winter. They are fully
insulated wood houses. Please help us protect these innocent cats and their offspring. These
will also be available for sale to the public for $70 each, which will cover the cost of
spaying/neutering two cats or provide necessary veterinary expenses to a kitten in need.

We are seeking donations of the following:      20160923_022708-1

Sheets of 1/2″ 4x 8 Exterior Grade plywood
1/2″ insulation board 4x I Tuff-R 3.3
Standard roofing shingles

lf you do not have materials and want to help, please send a tax- deductible donation to the
address below. We can use your donation to buy needed materials to make these houses.


233HousemanStreet. Mayfield,NY l2ll7-1948 . 518-573-9906 .