Our little buttercup still needs your help!





She had her spay and initial tooth extraction surgery done, but they couldn’t keep her under too long in the condition she was in so she’ll still need much more oral surgery to fix everything.

Right now she’s at her new foster’s getting stronger to have more surgery performed. She is on a special prescription diet to help her gain weight and to try to control her diarrhea (hopefully it’s a food allergy that can easily be remedied with a selected protein grain free diet). She follows her new foster everywhere, loves to lay with her and get belly rubs. She is in love with this new cat bed that was donated to Kitten Angels (and she’s got to realize how gorgeous she looks on it!).


Her’s is such a sad story and yet all too common – she was found wandering around a development in Selkirk. Sub zero weather. Animal Control got involved – but no one claimed to know her. She was fed by a kind lady in her garage for a few days, who then called Kitten Angels.

The poor girl is missing all top teeth, her bottom ones are broken. To make matters worse, she had HORRIBLE diarrhea. We got her to the vet immediately, only to learn she had more issues and needs surgery, so she’s now back at the vet for a few days. She’s in so much pain she didn’t even want the vet to examine her mouth, but was purring and rubbing against the vet when she was touched anywhere else.
She had never been fixed, but gratefully was not pregnant, so will spay her right away, and she tested negative for FeLV/FIV (always concerns when a cat has been struggling on her own outside).

Poor thing is in a lot of pain, but so super sweet -she only ever wants to sit in your lap. She was so very well behaved with other cats at her foster’s home and, from her demeanor and behavior, it seems like she had once been a loved house pet. She uses the litter box and she never once hid or was scared.

Right now all we want is for her to get better.


Reese had her surgery today. She was spayed and one quartered of her dental work was done. They were unable to complete her dental work due to the fact that she could not stay under anesthesia any longer. If anyone is interested in how bad her mouth looked, we were able to get some pictures from the specialist (note they are of her during the procedures so we’ve added some warning pics first just so that the graphic nature doesn’t show up on your newsfeed if you don’t want to see).

She will go into foster care and try to put on some weight and heal and rest. Then the rest of the work will be completed. She has a lot of pain in her mouth due to the condition of her mouth so we have her on a special diet as well.

Other good news! Her biopsy came back negative for cancer!

Her foster mom will be sending pictures and updates on a regular basis, so you can see her improve with good care. We are so glad we were able to save this sweet Angel and put her back on her feet, but we still still need your help to get the rest of the dental work done.

Here are some pictures of her surgery:









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The horrible truth of what happened to Gibby could unfortunately happen to any kitten born outside, just one of the many harms they face. A hawk had swooped down and grabbed the kitten, in an attempt to take him to such heights that a drop should have killed him, making him easy pickings for lunch. This is how that predator hunts and kills for his food. But this little kitten struggled and fought and was dropped before the hawk could reach a deadly height.

Unfortunately landing still caused damage and his front right leg was shattered, but he was able to scoot under a dumpster before the hawk swooped down to try to grab him again. All in front of a witness who ran to grab him and raced into where we were having an adoption event. Of course we took him. And he’s one of the sweetest kittens that could ever be.
The leg is beyond mending, but he can still lead a full happy healthy life with just three. Unfortunately the breaks are such that he feels on and off sharp pains, but thankfully otherwise he is purrrfectly healthy and happy; though needs to get a bit stronger for surgery.

He is about 3 months old now, getting stronger and strong, so he will soon be ready for his surgery. For now luckily, he is safe and cared for with his kitten angels foster mom and she’ll keep us updated on his progress and recovery.

2/14/18 Post Op Upate on Gibby

Gibby is getting his beauty rest for recovery ❤️ he needs your help to keep up with his medical bills so we can make sure he gets exactly what he needs.


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If you’d like to contribute to his medical expenses, you can do so online at:

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*Please note the donation is for Gibby in the memo.

To donate by check, please mail to:
Kitten Angels
233 Houseman St. Mayfield, NY 12117